Bedtime Songs

Before Micah was born Justin would sing “Lullabye” by Ben Folds to my belly and then it turned into his bedtime song.  Once he was old enough to realize he wasn’t getting sung to the nights Justin wasn’t home at bedtime he would ask me to sing it.  Problem number (1) I’m not confident in my vocal abilities (2) I didn’t know it by heart.  At this point in his life he had just learned “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” so that became the song I would sing to him when Daddy wasn’t home and eventually became in addition to.


Kai’s bedtime song became “Jesus Loves Me.”  I get the privilege to sing it but in the off chance that I’m not home then anyone putting him to bed can sing it.  There have been a handful of times that he will want both mommy and daddy to sing it to him and he has had Micah sing it to him after we’ve left the room. Occasionally  Kai will ask me to sing it again and usually I would try to sing it as fast as I could. He would giggle and say “that funny, mommy”  Recently after he asks for the song for the 2nd time he will qualify it by saying “not funny one mommy, use listening ears!” and I need to sing it in my slow, soft, gentle way. 


About bloggingmommyoftwo

I'm a mommy of 2 energetic & amazing boys. Micah is finishing first grade this year and Kai will be 3 in September. I want a place to record stories about our everyday lives. A place to remember the little things and big. A place to tell about the things these 2 teach me about life. And just a place to ramble about what is on my mind at the moment or 3 days ago when I'm finally able to write it out. I am married to an amazing and supportive man. I love to spend time with my family. Whether it's just hanging out, playing, or watching a movie. I also enjoy taking photos, scrapbooking, playing games, reading, and baking to say a few.
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